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I need an oficial invitation for the romanian visa. Could you help me with it?

Yes! Please send us a request, using the email from this page Click Here. Put the topic of the email «Need invitation for visa» and we contact you.

Can someone host me?

The church in Bucharest is not as big as the amount of disciples we are expecting to come. That’s why we cannot organize for you such option. 

Can the registration fee be lower?

In order for 500+ disciples to get together, worship our Lord and learn from His Word the appropriate hall should be rented together with the sound equipment. In order to cover it we have to ask this fee from the attenders.

Will there be a kid’s kingdom during the conference?

We are currently working on this question. An update email will be sent to all registered participants. Also check this page time to time, we will update the information here.

What does "I want to find a roommate" on the registration form means?

In case you travel alone and looking for possible roommates we will put you in the same telegram chat with other single travelers so you could agree with each other to find a place together and to share the rent.

Will there be any special program for the kids?

We will provide a medium sized conference room, toys, stationery and some board games for kids of different ages, but we kindly ask parents to take care about their children. One of the  reasons of it is a multilingual nature of our conference. We made sure that the majority of sessions require only one of the parents to be present. This way it frees the other parent to be able to take care of the child and then to switch.

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