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God has blessed our churches in the USA with a great depth and maturity in our fellowships. In Eastern Europe we are facing the challenge of first Generation Christianity. Almost all of the current members where converted from atheism. They did not grow up in homes that prayed, or believed in God. We want to not only launch a powerful youth movement we also want to provide an example of maturing in Christ for our older members of the Eastern European Churched. So the Caleb team will have three focuses.

  1. The Caleb team will shepherd the RevivEE team. Moving to a foreign nation can be challenging and we will need the Caleb team to provide discipling and encouragement to our young missionaries.

  2. The Caleb team will do a lot teaching and counseling on marriage, and parenting, helping the families to grow and be strong.

  3. The Caleb team will start the process of training and raising up elders. This is an amazing opportunity to leave behind a spiritual legacy that will impact these nations for generations to come.


Chris and Ann Efstathion will be heading up our Caleb team as they have spent the last 5 years in Eastern Europe and have had a profound impact on the churches. If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact Chris and Ann if you are considering coming on our team.

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